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thursday 02/08/2007

Would like to buy Rosa at lvl 5 smiley not more than 1900 clintz.

Looking for lelena and gertrud

Paying 9000clitz for a Beltra any1?

wednesday 01/08/2007

Looking for them cheaper then on the market any Level. smiley

Note, grimstifler cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).
Sorry buddy first purchase credits then trade a z3ro d34d

tuesday 31/07/2007

I now have them all. Thank you.

I bujing any leader 4r 1380 clintz if someone is interested please sale me private ?
But not hugo i hawe it smiley

Armand for sale ...name your price ...will sell a little lower than market price ....act fast its on the market !!!

Pls put in priv sales

monday 30/07/2007

This discussion is closed

I have Tank

Have jane ramba just need Gertrud please

If I wanted to pay the market price I would buy from the market.

Buying loma noju for 1500

Looking to buy cheap Fang Pi Clan cards (as suggested by title)
will buy at any cheap price (10% cheaper than market price?)
especially want F.P.C. cards with fair attack (4+)
please private sale me

XXxTcExXx your reply was spam on this message board. TDDP posted his desired trade with specific terms which is better than most other players. Your reply was rude and an attack on TDDP that was uncalled for. You should consider that there are over 100,000 players in this game and multiple copies of the Zatman card. While the proposed trade may not be something that you would do, someone else might be willing.

I have Vermyn N.and i will sell him to you for 1800 clintz

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