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tuesday 01/04/2008

How much 4 ashigaru

monday 31/03/2008

So noone wants to trade vholt for any of these?

Mods please close these 2 jim cr is gone

Pm me for further negociation, but i like the offer

Hi, I was looking for someone interested in selling or switching to Lyse Teria, if anyone was interested, to contact me via private messaging, to finalize details, a greeting.

I sell scarlett , again smiley

Already sold

Im looking to trade buck for some leaders and a xia lemming.
or pay 4000

I am buying Don or Murphy for a cheap price how bout make me offers.

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You don't HAVE to make a new topic every time you change your offers., you can just post it in your old topic and state it.,
sorry, but it was kinda annoying to see that you make alot of topics smileysmiley

Only unevolved!
And as i saw there are some cool guys who think i'm selling it so - I (that is me) BUY it smiley

He don't have enough cards, i know smiley

Buying Tyler and Dorian 0exp now

Do u hav an Olga?

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Please close

Need the following

Jane Ramba

good offers please

As i say i need montanas now
i need to build a deck
so please someone help me

Capn clintz 150 for don

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