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tuesday 25/03/2008

Nvm u can close this subject smiley

Cool atitude rainbow and full deck

mods please close

Hey man i have got loma noju and marina pm if u want

What? first i didn't get a timmy. second i can't sell cards, im just buying them, and third you said you don;t care anymore. please close this

Mods please close the cards already gone smiley

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You mus buy credits (not a pack for credits) you must buy credits for real money

Ah just close it.

Got her

Trade completed. close this one up. thanks.

It's not really a scam if it was a straight sale , but in this case he can't sell anyway so this thread is pointless

Hi i'm selling Hel at max level for 1900clintz
what do you think 1800-1900 clintz only

How can i send a card with you?

Leviatonn MAX at
10500 clintz
Bryan(4k) and Gertrud (5k) And Bruce (1.7k)

Selling dorain 4 3800 clintz or tradeing 4 a meg Dolores Boss and Tania

ill exept other offers tat are equal to or add up to 3800

cheers bb16

My Clara for rubie
my Graff for rubie

That was uncall for dragula...

I got 2 kolos

monday 24/03/2008

Aw sorry Staticcold *hugz* smiley

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