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monday 04/02/2008

hot 32 messages

Gone sorry
mods close this thread

I'll trade a Platinum (C) for a Mac Hen (C)

He dont like full level i offered him mine for 2000 but he said he likes to train it

Charlie ~ 3400 clintz
Yayoi ~ 2200 clintz
Methane ~ 3200 clintz
Leviaton ~ 5900 clintz

No private sale either =S

He said buying....

You sell to splata at 40000 clintz you say?

7 messages

New Blood 5 minutes after new cards are released

Hey i have the whole montana deck

I sell frankie hi for chloe

How much for Charlie? PM me please

Wow there needs to be a quicker time of approval..

I have an Ottavia at Lowest Market price in there. And 2 Lino Borsa that I have to reprice (Thank you market fluctuation due to wait time)

Nick Check my profile to see what I am selling and look at those prices. If you wish to haggle just tell me but I won't sell for anything thats way too far from lowest market price...

He cant sell cards privately/publicly

Bodenpower(U) lv 3 timmy(R) lv 2
kinjo(U)lv 2 marco(R) lv 3
crystal(U)lv 3 steve(R)lv maxed
peeler(U)lv 3 armand(R)lv 4
timber(R)lv 3 ruboe(R)lv maxed

will sell 4 bet prices or will trade for lulabee or gabreille

pm me or just leave comments here im easy

cheers bb16

Modds please destroy this

4,500 clintz

sunday 03/02/2008

You have to "Buy" Credits to sell cards

You can close this got therm all but no nam and out of cards to trade

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