wednesday 13/05/2009

Please close Temma

Can a moderator please close/destroy this? Thanks.


I am recruiting and like the title says, all are welcome!

tuesday 12/05/2009

Here is the guild link and they are a very good group come check em out The Warriors

Oh well,
delete this subject please,
The guild lasted a long time,
but everybody decided to leave smiley
sorry guys smiley

Close Please

monday 11/05/2009

Mikegengsta, please add a link to your guild smiley

I reckon that you lower the level requirement to lvl.25 and up...
if you're gonna put it at lvl.30+'re gonna have trouble looking for members...but you'll definitely get some...just not that fast...
Well...that's my opinion...smiley


You're using the wrong message board. smiley

Guild Link is guild;541136

This guild is looking for more players that do not have a guild yet. Be as active as u can and have fun are the only rules of this guild. Welcomes every lvl of experience!!!

this is link:

Plz join soon a private lottery is in session and good chances to get a rare

Lol thanks breezer

Join, because im in it.

sunday 10/05/2009

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Uh, Read the Rules? smiley

Close please,
making my final review.

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