sunday 10/05/2009

The Fang Pai Clang is my favorite clan i would be honored if you would allow me to join your honor filled cause in the way of the samurai smiley

Its a very fun guild. It is led by a very good and nice founder. Also it is pretty active. Soon coming guild events.
So join the Z-Tron [5000] today.


saturday 09/05/2009


Join level 15+

He has a guild

friday 08/05/2009

Soz guys i have now joined a guild

All are welcome to join our open society.
We accept any level and we are open to an active forum.
I hope to see our guild build.
Have fun!

I believe this thread can be forgotten now, i have applied to the guild that most interested me...


Don't forget website.

thursday 07/05/2009

Hello! guild:483946 is an extremely friendly guild! We delete inactive members so our message boards are always very busy and chatty smiley and we accept all levels from all countries because we don't believe in unfairness!
Give us a shot smiley Especially if your a metal fan hehe (not all our members are metal fans smiley)

Heyy smiley guild:483946
We actually spend most of our time helping new players with cards and trategies smiley

We are burning redemption and we are looking for new friends.
We are a fun and active guild both in message board and in the game.
We are always looking for new recruits and i need some admins ( probley level 20+ made admins)

so please join today

u know u want 2

Please add a link to your guild. Maybe you'll recruit more people then smiley

I am crash-n-burn founder of burning redemption
i'm looking for any player and level (it don't matter about ur fair play rating)

i'm also looking for admins so
join today 2 be part of a brillant team
join today

thank u mods and for ur time reading this

Hindle92, please add a link to your guild smiley

We are still here and still recruiting
come and join if you are 30+ and have a good sense of humour

Join my gulid burning redemption
looking for active players
and i need admins


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