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sunday 18/03/2007

saturday 17/03/2007

Hey eveyone i'm buying Lost Hog sellers please PM me don't write in here cause i don't read this that often!!!

Ive sold it for 8000 clintz

friday 16/03/2007

3 messages

KV- look price Elya smiley

dont offert?

Thank you to all sellers!!(currenlt have smiley

thursday 15/03/2007

How much i will buy her for 2000

Ill put my scrummxtt in youre private sales waiting for 50 clintz and you put youre xu52 in my private sales waiting for 50 clintz thanks ive put scrummxtt in youre privte sales but please put youre xu52 in mine

Miss twice for 8k

last hog
only lvl 1 and those that are lvl 5 to be maxed(meaning not maxed but a lvl 5 card) im buying

wednesday 14/03/2007

O my bad

I have kenny, phonos, no nam, python, vansaar, hugo, estalt, narendra, kiki ,skullface ,miss chloe, , frankie hi and taylor

Clinty im selling a maxed twice 10000 ea smiley

I got one!

Nate dogg hes a good guy...just want to have peace all around....he is selling me miss twice 4000 ea...thx!(currently in my private sales are 6)

tuesday 13/03/2007

2 messages

How much for yayoi or who do you want?

I've got sheitane mojo and kenny all (max) but mojo is lvl 2

Nevermind. i already bought one. smiley

Oh im also selling elya for 17 000

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