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friday 25/05/2007

I trade my vickie (lvl 2 or 5) against 3 elya (lvl 1 2 or 3). plz send me a private message.

Hey wanda aint rare u can buy her for 5-6 hundred clints ave got 5 ov her

1400 clintz

Note, dafinderjr cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Er, You... Cannot trade... Please purchase credits...

thursday 24/05/2007

How do you play in elo mode like how do you get there

I'm looking for a Vickie card... I offer a Malmoth and Cooper and Striker...

Selling for 390000-400000.

Give me an offersmiley

It is no command for trading yet but soone it will

I can sell you a Max level Brandon for 525 clintz (lower than market price)

Right now, i'm looking for bangers and especially gheist.

Hey i am buying a hikiyousan for 1352 clints if someone would sell me on that would be great if it would be unleveld. thanks

wednesday 23/05/2007

Brandons in junkzs and michel is in roots

If I'd have one I would sell it to you for 400.. unfortunately luck is not on your side smiley

Ill give you phonos and kawan for vladimir and erika ok do you wont or not

Maxed: Lost hog Kinjo xia leming lihoi chun

Dont:Kerozinn or seldnor how much do you want my maxed for?

tuesday 22/05/2007

Buying Tatane for 300 clintz


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