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monday 26/03/2007

Shes maxxed and going for sale

sunday 25/03/2007

Btw both junkz are fully trained and now i'm close to 20k

I Have 235 cltz to spend an i want the cheapest i can get

Sorry ppl he already gone

I will give u 2000 for bridget

2000 for gertrud

HOW much for Lewis and Lamar?

Hey ponga ofertas para vender a gaia tmb tengo cartas para cambiar por ella, Dan, Gary, Hugo, Kawan, Laetitia, Ombre, Platoona, Vermyn N, Zdrone ya sea q quieran algunas o todas por Gaia pero porfavor alguien deme a Gaia

Hey plz post oferts for gaia, i have Dan, Laetitia, Vermyn N, Kawan, Angelina, Hugo, Ombre, Zdrone, for trade if you want some or all for her

saturday 24/03/2007

Who has a flo put in my private sales for 50 clintz and i will put klaus for 50 clintz in his private sales.smiley

I think he want 60.000 clintz i have buyed one 2 week`s ago for 26.000smiley

Also, Im selling Skrumxxt for 10000

How much do you want for Berserkgirl??

Oh nvm bout Fifty . already got him smiley


Change Lamar behind Morphuna,Lamar them to a Last time Levelu

friday 23/03/2007

1600 for skrumxxt

I am interested in vladimir, i will give u for him 1600

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