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thursday 20/12/2007

Well i guess the tital says it Steve for 2,300 clintz

Only trade for cards
give your offer please

I prefer trading
What card can you offer?

I trade hugo for cooper or maby erepto smiley

Selling kenny for 12k smiley
message me if u wana buy

Can someone help every time i try to buy off the market it always says canceled am i doing something wrong

Selling kenny 12k no lower nor higher

Ill sell kenny although its not very cheap but it is for him 12 999 clintz

wednesday 19/12/2007

13k for XU52 quick

I have Morphun (leader) and i want to change ,please write pm!

Hey johnny ive put them on to rpvate sale to you apart from boris if any1 can go up to 1.3k clintz its theirs

I'm looking for these 2 cr and i can give somo clintz a the miss for them send me a pmsmiley

I have 133k clintz and would like to buy a Marlysa Cr. Pm me or private trade me

Ill trade

True, but some people might want less than other people, for example, one person might want 5k for a card, another might be willing to sell at 4.8k

I'm buying Nightmare commons
Melluzine (C) ~ 150 Clintz
Elixir (C) ~ 150 Clintz
Endora (C) ~ 200 Clintz

Action has the big commons in it, like La Junta, and the Rescue who are ever so popular smiley

Open to trade offers
hopefully cr cards

I want to buy a montana card,but the prices of card is not higher than 2500!!
I hope somebody will sell vickie for me!!!

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