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sunday 20/08/2006

I need to buy a very cheap card like 100 or 200 clints. anyone willing to sell that low?

Am selin timber lvl 2 for anything around 1000-1500 clintz

saturday 19/08/2006

Tell your friend to change his name that's all...

You need to buy credits from the shop first
you can only sell to kate or buy from players, but you can't trade

Im a bum @$$2000flat

Or if you want to trade, make me a deal. (i bought the card for 350 C, for your information)

friday 18/08/2006

In the public market
perle lvl-3 4050
uranus lvl-1 4000
vladimir lvl-3 3600
timber maxed 6000

List Updated
exel file for download http://www.radio-covilha.pt/ur/ur.xls

thursday 17/08/2006

Selling in the public market
feelyn lvl_1 for ONLY 16k clintz
charlie lvl_1 for ONLY 8,5k clintz

Yeah. but u cant give it to me. your not even alowed to sell

Private sell it to me. ill buy it

Im willing to pay 1587 clints for a kinjo

If you have kinjo or jackie. ill give 3000 each.

wednesday 16/08/2006

I will trade it for my fully evolved ice jim

I will give u a fully evoved icejim a hegot a gud power u want let me know

How many Clints for your Sigmund?

tuesday 15/08/2006

Just write them down as alist it is easier that way

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