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friday 14/12/2007

I traded for Rosa So you can Closse this Threat

I'm looking for reine
I willing to trade it with
- 1elya + 10 k clintz or
- 1elya + seldnor


I gt corrina hikiyousan and tyler

Hi , i am selling 31 ottavia cards from montana , on the market ar only 60 , i have 31 of themsmiley
message me if u woant somesmileysmileysmileysmiley

I got a couple of cr's im willing to trade,,, Swidz, Cassio, Diyo x2, n i could still come up with a couple of clintz, just let me knowsmiley

50 000 smiley

Ndololo Cr + 200 000 + 3 Tessa Cr + 3 Splata Cr+ Ombre Cr smiley


@Nintendan WMD, its from your Guildm8, right? smiley
there are many good people from your guild. my brother is in your guild..
he got a lot of cards for 50 clintz..

Note, with-you-987 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Vanter, the price of Kenny is very unstable. It was 9k 2 days ago. Now 12k. It will drop again for sure. 8k is i guess some what reasonable

thursday 13/12/2007

Do anyone have a spare Kenny (R) that i can get i dont have much cards but im willing to trade for it so just tell me what card n i will see do i have it thx

Yes so to make it more Clear I have Timber for trade I will trade 1:1 Vansaar (R) or Hugo (R) or Morphun (R)

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Im interesed and for alec and ghoub

Please close this. Someone already responded.

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