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friday 09/02/2007

Well Pudinzinho, you can't sell....

thursday 08/02/2007

I'll buy dwain fully evolved for 1000clintz
and for macumba 8000clintz also fully evolved
thx (n_n) write me a message, ill be waiting

smiley k ... smiley.. .. smiley ...then any donors are greatly appreciated smiley

wednesday 07/02/2007

Still looking for SkrumxxT for cheap!

tuesday 06/02/2007

I got all maxed out


Oh man too much ive got only 570 clintzsmiley

Ok itll take a while so please keep it up there thank you thankyou thankyou

monday 05/02/2007

You might get no nam but non others

Ok thanks you.nvm i got saddy smiley

How about Jim for 800?

sunday 04/02/2007

Harv no way is anyone gonna say yes cause then there thick

Yes do it

If u need i have a maxed ashiagaru and a maxed timber and maxed brigetsmiley

How much

Lower than 14000??

4 messages

Those cards are at the market!!!! because nowone ofeers clintz here!! this subject is closesmiley

saturday 03/02/2007

Me wantz eyrton

I will think over it ok?

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