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saturday 13/01/2007

4000 for dragan put me in private sales =p

thursday 11/01/2007

Give it to me for 100 please

Do you have kinjo or charlie


wednesday 10/01/2007

This subject does not take place to be, subject closes.........

tuesday 09/01/2007

Selling Kinjo For 2,500 clintz or if you dont want that Zalatar for 1,000 clintz

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Eyrton... i want him!

LILADI: Charlie is maxed out sow you can have it for 7500
Lost Hog is also maxed out...sow you can have that one for 3000

She is sold

Lol quit posting the lvl of my card until i do it

monday 08/01/2007

I am buy charli how mach?

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If your going this route, id rather just save for a Dragan or Copper. Sell most of the cards so he can have a descent deck, save your money till you buy your 1st pack, then you decide at that time once you have gotten your set of 3 cards... If you don;t like any, sell to kate and buy your cards. smiley ggs!

Shoot me up cards ya'll need and what you want to pay for them i can see if i can get them for the price you want. hit me up a message.

That sux eh, i wanna sell mine but not 2 kate but i aint using real cash on a game!

sunday 07/01/2007

Will trade high cards u say the card name ill see if i have it

Value on the Market (min/avg/max)
At level 3: 12999 Clintz / 15417 Clintz / 19500 Clintz
At level 4: 14900 Clintz / 14950 Clintz / 15000 Clintz
At level 5: 16000 Clintz / 18599 Clintz / 23500 Clintz

Please i wonna buy striker for 300 clintz i really wanna get him@nser

I would like to buy or trade for vickie, give me your offers

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