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thursday 20/09/2007

Rubie for charlie ????? i can do that too but i think 2000 clintz for charlie is better
btw ultrafield PM me if u accept the offers

You're asking too much Joao(R) is only 1350 on the market

wednesday 19/09/2007

Is it too complicated for people to understand , once they buy credits from the shop they have all the selling functions untill then you can only sell to kate ( sometimes this is actually more profitable espically with market prices constantly declining)

tuesday 18/09/2007

Um, for 15000? I bought her for 25000 and considered myself very, very lucky... Good luck, Rubysoho, you'll need it! smiley

Will buy saddy (lvl 1) for 1200 clintz, anyone, pls?...

monday 17/09/2007


Until you buy credits, you can only BUY cards for Clintz off the Market. You can't SELL cards on the Market and you can't TRADE cards with another player, because trading requires you to SELL the card.

Close this plz

Yup.when ya have creds,put Bridget in my private sales waiting and when i have creds i sell u a Burger in your private

I literally have 1500 cards, Many collectors, rares, and evo cards at all levels. I want to trade for Sigmund Cr. Message me with what you want for your Sigmund Cr.

Willing to hear offers on what people will sell him for?

Right now my offer is 90k...pm me or post here.

sunday 16/09/2007

3100 clintz now i have good cards to trade for these

Ok thats it game over.

This is offically locked so no more replies from me in here. So if you are going to pick something to TRADE then pm me. If i get any offers for cash then expect to be ignored or worse. You have been warned

Sorry guys but i am only trading. sooooo....... any offera

Sell to me all ur fang pi clang cards..and ill pay... smiley

Buying Burger for 450 Clintz smiley

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