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friday 15/02/2008

I cncel my bid i have 1

I will, Morphun maxed for your level 4 Morphun + 1.5k

And i too smiley

Mods please close this thread i have sold the card

I have a maxed one pm me

I am buying Deiter at level 1

Need/ want a kerry . as much as possible for 2k or a little higher

Buying blaaster ASAP cheaper than the market price ..

send me your prices

I want bryan(R) ...under market price betw-2600-3000clintz
if u want to sell make an offer here

OK, I have Dolores Boss and Keanew. Can somebody sell me Yayoi for 2900 please.

I'll trade u a Maxxed KEnny for XU52 and 8k

In Market for only 4799, or contact me to buy for 4900

If your interested pm me ksmiley

thursday 14/02/2008

Please close this thread mods

I got a hikiyousan wat yu wana trade 4 him?

Moderator please close this tread.

I would like to trade my Maxed Bruce from La Junta for a Dieter from Nightmare

I will give you 500 extra on top

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