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friday 26/10/2007

For 1000 clintz please.


Traded for Ashigaru and some Clintz, anyone?

It's already sold, but yeah, your offer? smiley

thursday 25/10/2007

Scamming people Id imagine, haha

What the title says. 200 or so under current market price I think. Available for swaps, or a mixture of card & clintz, make me offers here if you are interested. =]

I will buy wolfgand and wee lee for 400 clintz make that 550 clintz together

I'll offer you some of my Solei Cr's for her, PM me if you are interested.smiley

Currently Buying Kenny at any level for 8700 clints. Make me a private sale so i can buy unless you wish to talk first in that case send me a pm

Message me on how much you want for splata

Charlie is now gone, as is Nistarok (my spare at least) I still have Miranda and Hel. Linda's also gone.

wednesday 24/10/2007

Want :seldnor

I've maxed out flyer and i'm sicksmiley of him need someone to buy him or trade

You do know you need more than 10 copies of each of those if you're serious about getting lyse teria cr

If you want go to market and find him. Should have my username there

Yeah i will

tuesday 23/10/2007

Ppl check out my cards public sales marina and oyah all cheapest

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