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friday 19/10/2007

Quick, please

How much will it cost?

Ill sell you three cards for 130 ea all Bangers

Not buying anymore=()

I will sell for 5100

I'll buy it if you can sell it.

WeeLee for 1500 clintzsmiley

Sold, thanks for the replies

thursday 18/10/2007

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Looking for a kenny for 6000clintz

Please for 500 clintzsmileysmileysmiley

I got some crappy crads i wanna sell they are

Dan (c) lvl3 maket top price 10000000 so offer on that
i'lll post other 1's l8er i'm tried

Peeler, Shakra, Dean and any other cards

I need a good price for Shakra. Thanx

I have kenny how much are you willing to buy him for?

Still selling bryan?

wednesday 17/10/2007

I have aldebaran cr 0 xp..contact me in pm..

Its sold

I think you have posted at the wrong part of the forums. Go to Introductions and Recruitment create a thread about your guild and remember to put the link of your guild. If players would be interested with your guild they will postulate and can be members of your guild.

tuesday 16/10/2007

Sorry you can't sell for now, you will need to buy credits from the shop first

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