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sunday 28/10/2007

I'll trade you a maxed Bodenpower for your Vladamir!!!

Mail me bak!!!

Darkmagic i can give you 5 miss twice cr for 1 dragan cr. what about that?

Well its graksmxxt man from sakrohm plz man offer me

Tell me the best price you can provide~~

i've got 22,000 clintz, but i can sale some of my Cr cards (Cassio, Tessa, Swidz,Geuner,Diyo)

Giving cards + ctz....pm me for offers. Thanks smiley

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Plato52............... tell me how much are you gonna sell him for????

Thats way to high!

There is none.............. its a leader ability

Wolfgang for 1000 clintz

saturday 27/10/2007

I am looking for a Kerozinn.
I have a Chloe to trade for it or other card(s) if u prefer them, thanks

It all sais up there. 500 to 1000 clints trading available
smileysmileysmiley good offers pls smiley


No need Ive bought it off Gusbert for a very good price. Thank you Gusbert

Admins can you please close this topic

Ok. i found out how to. thanx

Do you have a Charlie? If you do i'll trade you Lulabee.smiley

The best way is buying credit to sell cards on market or play tourny and elo to earn credits buy cheap unevolved cards and sell to kate so you can make mayby some clintz

WOLFGANG (500 clintz)
NANASTASIA (250 clintz)


Nanastasia For 250
Wolfgang For 500

Private Sell Them 2 Me Asap


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