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thursday 26/10/2006

Something like zlatar or crystal is about what he's looking for

Wow that's weird.
It says that you can not sell. s;

Can you make it 1850?

wednesday 25/10/2006

How much you asking? 400?

What you got for offers?

tuesday 24/10/2006

Wee lee for 2k.

Nevermind i got it before you put it in private sorry.

monday 23/10/2006

Looking for theese cards, want to pay non-card come out day inflated prices hehehe also have a chloe for sale or trade for theese... can work out with maxed or non maxed chloe thanks just send a pm

Baby Q

if you have got one to sell please message me a price

sunday 22/10/2006

Lol this is on your stats
Not fair play at all (15% of expired battles)
The fair play rating is based on the number of expired battles on our turn versus the total number of properly done battles.

Make a new account dude.

Level 5 tyker for 8ksmiley

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I'll give you my bob joby

I have a william lvl 3 max

saturday 21/10/2006

Buying Wanda

I'm looking for a cheap Vansaar, Wanda, Striker, and Zdrone

U cant even trade fool

I have a william that i can give you. smiley

No1 ?

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