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sunday 26/08/2007

Forget it... its too late..smileysmiley

Veenyle is damage reduce.

saturday 25/08/2007

I got to back out of this one want to try and make my money back

friday 24/08/2007

I think that will be hard next week she will be a CR

I need one of this card i change

Buy in the market using ur clintz... or collect credits,go to the shop,and purchase a booster pack...
and also,u can buy credits in the shop...

Looking for cheap offers please

thursday 23/08/2007

I sell for 6800

Yo pink check the market values before posting things like this,please this is a ridiculous trade offersmiley

Some members are respectable i made a big trade involving a manon cr and the trade went fine........if it goes wrong just tell a mod but keep all the pm's leading to the trade for proof

Anyone trade message me

5k =5,000

wednesday 22/08/2007

Only looking for murphy now.

Already bought

1700 Private Sale It...smiley

6300 for a maxed kenny, is that good 4 u?

Sorry bud you cant sell cards and i doubt someone will give it to you for 500 clintz or those cards.

I am looking for the collectors above 300 000 clintz, mainly manon cr.

I offer 20% over the market price, in soleils (no clintz involved, just soleils) - mainly skullface cr and a award cr.

These are the soleils I have:
64 a award cr
78 skullface cr
4 reine cr
3 dwain cr
17 beltran cr
3 marlysa cr
23 selsya cr
2 ombre cr
8 thaumaturge cr

and also 4 melissa cr, 1 sigmund cr and 1 aldebaran cr

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