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monday 08/10/2007

I have Gibson in lvl 4... Need?

Do you have anything less expensive?

This case has been close , I'm already have it

sunday 07/10/2007

Srry, I sold both on the market.

I'll sell you all of them.......just tell me the price your willing to pay.......smiley

Wat would u want for it?

The best way is spend one time monye so you can sell cards on market or youst play and use the clintz to buy cards its a hard way and play in tourny to win credits

U can't sell your cards dude.

I am buying zatman for 4000

I was thinking 15 miss twice cr + 70k

Ok demon slayer check your private sale

Just read the title my buying price is 4400 for any level just private sale me and then message me and i'll buy it so be the first to send me one.

saturday 06/10/2007

Hey hello

Well does anyone want to sell me their crassus for 640c?

Someone brought all the crassus 640c.

WIll anyone sell me crassus for 640c?

Buying zatman for 3700

friday 05/10/2007

How much for dean,maybe we can trade...

I search marlysa cr, no buy, only change, my cards is soleil, cr etc...

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