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wednesday 11/04/2007

Buying Armand for 7500 clintz

Hello prophet id like to buy the following:
gwen,noon stevens,sveth,=600 ea whenever you get it in pack..thank yousmiley

I need this card please offer me a good price

Oh and they're both maxed!!!!! GET THEM WHILE THEY're HOT!!!

I've gt Rosa already, looking for Don now, offering 2.8k for him. contact me privately plz ty.

tuesday 10/04/2007

I want to bought the character Kati, her value on the market is 1000 clintz, but I have 900 Clintz.. smiley
Who can sell me for 900 Clintz?
tnks smiley

You have one?

Em dude if i were you i would take this trade all cards are strong plus 1 is new(sort of)

The cards are gone smiley

Can anyone give me havok plz cuz I really need it..
thanx u

Check your PM please, already replied you quite some time ago.

Okay ... how do you wanna do it... never trade

I looking for 50 k

Close this thread i already got them

Here is another update for my list.


Here are my extras:

Baby Q
Miss Chloe

Thanks for Looking and if you have any questions feel free to contact me

monday 09/04/2007

Looking for a lvl 2 lelena will trade for a lvl 5 tyler and a lvl 5 no nam

Hey ave got xu52

I can sell you timber

sunday 08/04/2007

How many you sell me Lost Hog

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