monday 16/02/2009

Im looking for a good active guild to join. smiley
Is there any that you can buy and trade cards?

Also we try to get good cards so collecting's the game in our guild also if anyone seen the jason movies incudleing the new pne tell me i want to know what happens.smiley

Check out guild:457827. From there, I don't have to say anything else

Join camp crystal lake so far we have 2 members but dont jugde us like the fang pi and Ashigaru we try to hone our skills to our fullest potential. I have bloodh copper havok chloe eyrick and all of the jungo. pleaze join we would love to have you as an admin.

Wanting to join a good that has some interaction with other members. One where members communicate with each other....I prefer one that is run by adults.

@Thralas - Thanks. I hope so too. So far I'm doing well, so I don't see any reason not to like this place. smiley

@Nintendan WMD - Sweet; I wonder what they're going to implement. Scout is one of my least favorite classes (I'm more into the Spy or Medic classes myself), but the updates are really interesting!

What sort of anime do you like? The gory series are usually what attracts me. smiley

I'll join

We are interesting and active, really nice and kind. LEVEL 20+ ONLY!
You will become an admin at level 26+ or when your ranked an imperator (a certain amount of cards).
I hope you can join
We also give out cards on Events

Http:// i am excepting anyone idc wat level i only recquire that u be active and friendly the purpose of this guild is to have fun with friends while playing instead of playing alone plus the more people =more power its my goal to make a huge guild where we can battle and have fun instead of just fighting alone soo please i need more members

sunday 15/02/2009

You should join us We$t Coa$t Prodigie$

Just chat???
But suggestions
Silent Fighters

He joined Angelz of Doom (AoD)

Angelz Of Doom

I would like to join, i'll apply soon!

saturday 14/02/2009

U could join anime lovers

PE is the best guild very active including giveaways, tourneys and much more!smileysmileysmiley

No 11 in all of America...who is it but the ultimate guild PE!!!

We are a friendly guild who is friendly and loves to talk, fight and mess around. We are recruiting players level 25+ and if you want a fun action filled guild this is the one to join.

Cmon a little PE doesnt hurt


friday 13/02/2009

Come join the new and expanding guild of sleeping forest~~~~!
-RECRUITING anyone who wants a guild and is active.
-Willing to help with your Collection! and just ask if your looking for any character in particular, WE CAN HELP...
-If you are active and help other members we will do the same for you!

Thanks, Zevare (admin for sleeping forest)

Yea thanks

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