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saturday 07/02/2009

We are ranking 58 woooooootsmileysmileysmiley

If you join you will have the chance to win 40k smiley and more cards and there lots of thing you can do here .


Forever Forgotten academy

Recruiting for aussie champions 10+ australian only guild

benefits: meet great people , have fun, participate monthly torneys created for the guild etc.


friday 06/02/2009

Oh its 16+ now btw.

Not many ppl dont have an elo score under 1000
every guild has a market

Some ppl dont like the names of things in video games

thursday 05/02/2009

Forever_alone was here smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

wednesday 04/02/2009

Join the power flames

All three of u can join.

Be active on the message boards and shar your knowledge on how to become the best on urban rivals..if this sounds like the guild for you dont hesitiate to hit the join button or message me. Thanks HA_stkeogh.

Do u really get free cards

tuesday 03/02/2009

Hey Sir Elite just played UR 2 days ago and for a beginner i'm really rocking...
i've build my 1st Upper and Ulu Watu Starter Deck and i can even outsmart High LvL Oppopnents..
i'm LvL 16 and i really want to Have a Rescue Deck, Heck i've start buying my Rescues already, got 4 of'em
Can i please join you Guild Sir? Hope You can Help me out with lots of stuff as Guild master..
PS. i'm earning at least 600 clintz a day cause of tourney +50 clintz per other hour..

How do i join

monday 02/02/2009

Check us out Total uk domination maybe with u by my side we can get things rocking

Join Total uk domination were new but getting stronger every day

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