sunday 18/01/2009

Shinigami Legends guild link:

Thanks, Brook. 20 and i also live in los angeles.smiley Im also looking to make new friends. I was wondering if we could be friends and help each other out.smiley

We just recruting people that are lvl 18+ so Join us

Please close this


I'm the founder of the guild so who ever 25+ and who are early r admins

Ya i get Maciej

Come One Come all we have (evil)Cookies

Destroy this

saturday 17/01/2009

The American People are recruting any level people that are active!!!smiley

smileysmiley http://

<Legends Of The World>

Deadstick's World Domination smiley is a guild i made last year when i used to play now im back and i wanted to rebuild that guild i used to have. We have an active forum smiley, an active gaming room smiley active trades smiley, active events smiley, basically we are an active guildsmiley!

Come check us out

Please close

A nice guild for ll lvs nice people and helpful people join lv14s and higher become adimins

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