monday 08/12/2008

sunday 07/12/2008

Wanna join a guild? join ours, true fighters. we will allow admins between lvls 15- 25. it's a decent guild. have fun. once our leader becomes lvl 40 he will start tournaments within the guild. so begin your training now with the true fighters.

Close this pls.. O13 is dead.. unfortunately..

Join Fair Tigers:

Have a look at Fair Tigers

saturday 06/12/2008

Join Natures Army

Lol thanks smiley
it's not needed, but greatly appreciated.
I was just copying the format I see other people do.

Only 5 mores spots open.

Come join me in an adventure in oddity.. the only benifit is a slightly twisted name.. but lest have some fun with it.

Try Fair tigers,
We don't have tourneys but we have events.

friday 05/12/2008

Join us at The Masters of Battle

We are people who like the game and want to build up a team of good players, you'll like it here

Can any1 join the guild even though you are weak or strong
Here's the link:

Join us, we are the uprising.

Join guild:391458, because it's just plain awesome. smiley

thursday 04/12/2008

Delete this

wednesday 03/12/2008

Well when your level 40 you can join guild:269835 and come on people we are a high ranking guild and want you to join.

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