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sunday 21/12/2008

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destructive nature

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Destructive Nature

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Dstructive Nature

saturday 20/12/2008

U guys do games/giveaways/tournements or anything like that?

reply in private msg if u could

Close topic please

HI my gulide is the 80 seeds
im looking for recruit ment
click this link to veiw my gulide.http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=406264. apply to it
and ill see if u meet the requirements thank u.

Join my guild Alien Workshop


Right now im joining angels of doom and if its not woring out then ill post a new post. close this post please


friday 19/12/2008

Last Post - We have a nice core of "young" players right now. The guild could use some veteran leadership.

If you Are a Veteran and looking for a place to to hang your hat, Your welcome to join us.

Again, all are welcome, but Active recuiting is over with for the time being.

This thread my be closed smiley

It a gud guild

Under recruitment

nothing necessary to do to join the guild

thursday 18/12/2008

Please close this post

No requirements, no nothing. We welcome everyone to join!!!!!

Join now at


apply and I will get back to you ASAP

wednesday 17/12/2008

Seems to me that the guy joined La Cosa Nostra.
I think this needs closing.

Lol for lvl 27- our academy

Alright, a guild that doesn't look for high levels x],

Anyways, I figure I'd leave a message before applying, just to let you know that I fall under the uhhh friendly first part x]

tuesday 16/12/2008

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