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tuesday 23/12/2008

Dude Join the BeigeKingdom. We would love to have you smiley

Join the Cookie Hunters and become the first of 5 admins.
Everyone must speak English and should be over level 10.
A link to the guild:

Join The Cookie Hunters

Levels 40+ who join gain free adminship!

IT IS MR. T!!!! AS DARTH VADER!!! COOOL! (yet creepy)smiley

If your looking for a fun guild to join come to Destructive Nature!!!
We have active players, active message board and active guild market!

You need to be level 20 or higher,must be active in the message board, must have 'DN_' in front of your nickname and be kind to your fellow guildmates!



monday 22/12/2008


Anyone at all?

Cmon people i need 1 more member for my guild to be safe okay ill lower the restriction to lvl 15 for 2 weeks

We now have a lvl um 73!!!!!

This is a new guild but there is only one requirement for joining. You must enjoy fighting. If you want to be with people that love battle as much as you do then join the Rulers of twilight.

The link is http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=408524

Contact the founder incarno for joining.

The more that join the better, it will get andme the founder is a very active player.

Join the Stoned Warriors

Join with me and sephs guild 19fortisvoluntasfraternitas23

Yeah! As -Freddy- said join guild:404786

Join Guild:404786

Come and join Guild:404786

Come and join Guild:404786

Buy Jungo when they lose value. But 4 now, play in tournaments, at least one battle & you'll get 50 clintz after every tournament.
If you got a powerful ELO deck, play Survivor Elo. N even if you don't, play Survivor every now and then anyways, you might get lucky and reach a jackpot.

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