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wednesday 12/11/2008

Close this subject please

We have a few good applicants so far but we're still looking...

tuesday 11/11/2008

Ok well this is the 6th best guild in uk exepting lvl 23 and over

Okay....change that to Lvl 15+

monday 10/11/2008

Come and join! smiley
We need more people.

Join us quick we need active level 30+ only 2 or 3 more places left nows your chance to join the most active guild in the world

Close please

Now the 2 weeks r over we r now ownly letting lvl 20 n up 2 join

sunday 09/11/2008

Guild of forgiving is better join

Join our Guild!.
Working Class Heroes.

My last guild got deleted as not enough members --link to guild (new one)---> http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=370811

Close please!

This guild is great, helped me grow. thanks elite

Remember you must be level 28-40


8 members is not enough =O! yes....7 more will do me fine =D.

What makes us so great? min level 5. max level w/e.

Whats the point? to be the best and help each other out.

Please close

saturday 08/11/2008

I forgot to leave guild link XD



I would like to inform everyone that we will be holding a Recruitment Tournament soon. Be sure to check the message board for info on when this will take place

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