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thursday 27/11/2008

One of the greatest guild I have been in yet.. It really helped me find my legs in "Urban Rivals"!

We accept all members from level 11 and up. Often times we even accept members lower then that!!

Hit us up sometime, we will be waiting!


Looks like I just found myself a quality Padawan =)

Please Close

smiley http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=386150

Ill join

wednesday 26/11/2008

Got my guild - Devil's Angels'
needs more people, and pretty bad ass with the few people that are in it.
join to make it the best of the best, the badest of the bad!!!
thanks for reading and your support
PV2 Douglas

Death Watch is currently searching for members!!! If you are thinking of joining a fun guild with many players, well then you have made the right choice looking at this! People of any level and nationality are welcomed and we hope that you will join!

URL- www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=305161

It is either u with me or against me and if u r against me i will destroy u!!!!!!

Join my guild here is the link :

tuesday 25/11/2008


Its Getting Bigger And Better People

Don't Miss This Great Oppertunity To Be In One Of The Most Active Guild Yet

Must I Add ... Friendly Guild Aswell

Just Click And Apply smiley

monday 24/11/2008

We are no 9 in the whole USA.

sunday 23/11/2008

Srry rules r rules and king said nobody below 20 and if ur over 20 like excalibur jus apply

Hey,i want to join...

saturday 22/11/2008

I don't doubt it
I was just wondering about the Kung Fu Grip
good luck

Good Guild

Lol! we are growing XD

friday 21/11/2008

Join us

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