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friday 17/10/2008

But you are not even part of it

No frets pal, just go to the danger zone and literally introduce ur guild to everyone u played with...
hey dont laugh at that cuz the first guild i created, demon_wingz94 guild, had more than 10 new members a day when i was the founder

thursday 16/10/2008

If you want to come in the guild please contact me
i am speak french,english and romanian
everbody is welcome

si tu veux venir SVP contactez moi
je parle francais,anglais et roumanie
tout monde et benvenue

Daca vreti sa vini in guild va rog sa ma cotactati
toti sunteti bine veniti

Guild:350017 is your link

One of the best guilds in thier country so join now babeh ..!! as in now..!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

wednesday 15/10/2008

Still recruiting active players from level 15... smiley

Hope to see you soon!


I would like to join a guilde to expand my amusement..smiley./ je voudrait me joindre a une guilde pour pouvoir élargire mon amusement smiley
thank you

=/ its a chance at being part of something new and awesome!

Well I've been playing for a week or two and have only met a few people.
What better way to meet other players and exchange ideas than being together in a guild.
If you're higher than level 5 an interested to join...


We are always recruting

tuesday 14/10/2008

Close please. If someone opens it, please join.

Close...guild destroyed

Go to http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=348376. Thank you for your patronage.

We are slowly rising among the ranks. Any good players come on in and see what we are all about.

We are still looking for active members.

For people who are not afraid to try how Chewbacca's Dance tastes like!! smiley

We are recruiting to all levels who wish to come and have fun all we ask is you give a shot at training your character over level 5 witch i dont think is that hard...

Would you like to try in our guild?smiley

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