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monday 29/09/2008

City of Demons find new members.
Our primary languahe is finnish but english supported too.
Wellcome all new members


U can join us Anzac attack if u like

Plz join dragon wars check it out

You can join Pimp $quad


Its called the lost warehouse and its were you train your cards and if you win or lose it wont count

you can join my guild Pimp $quad


We are a new guild now reqruiting the requirments are.. has to be over lvl 15 and must play elo heres the link if u want to join plz do so !!http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=336477


sunday 28/09/2008

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We are new but we have some great players. Check us out and see if we are a good fit for you.
Guild: The Revolutions.

Lol stop this hahaha he is on Zz_Roy_zZ as i post this smiley

Hmmmmm no

I think he want lvl ten and up to join his guild guild:335711

Dude join 300 spartans we are two players i am lvl 38 and the other player is lvl 37

U can join organizationxiii if u like cmon down and check it out

Loud devils are recruting ...
all you need is to be lvl 23 +


active guild board!

Come join now and have fun in our we have a market we help u out with ur decks we have lottery and alot of events so come join only lvl 15+ heres the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=312995

Oh yeah, you also must be able to speak (type) English, plus you must put "TR" at the beginning or end of your name. Come join us! smiley We have in-guild tourneys almost every week. smiley

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