wednesday 17/09/2008

If you want to help an australian clan better please join us accepting any1 any country any1!!!!! please help we noly got 5 mems smiley but with your help we could be strongersmiley please help thats the link enjoysmiley

Hey im looking for a guild to join ive been on here for a month and a half and i play for like 8 hours a day or more Im ready to play and win.

tuesday 16/09/2008

Come or else

Hey im recruiting members for my guild if you would like to join please pm me i will pm back asap i would like a strong guild so only lvl 15 and up thank you....and i would also take name suggestions for the guild.

Come join our guild smiley

? there is no guild


good luck

Anyone can join smiley

monday 15/09/2008

If u want to be a true warrior and fight for your honor join us, the crazy war ccockroaches
we accept all people 15+
we will help all our members in leveling upsmiley

The revolutions
pm me if u are not happy with your new blue link

Yes i think i got this one first
good luck


link might help smiley


God everyone always gets in link before i can even try o well good luck
with your guildsmiley


GL on getting members for your guild. smiley

Sons Of Boaz

There's Your Link smiley

Always Remember The Link.. smiley

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