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friday 26/09/2008

Hey u can join my guild its pretty small but its fun

We are looking for new recruits to help make us the ultimate guild!smiley So join us!


The great USA Urban Allies guild is recuiting. Here's our description and all you need to know:

The Urban Rivals have finally allied! We have become the Urban Allies, and we are a guild that goes against all rivalry in Clintz City! Our powerful fleet is based in USA, where we plan our attacks against the huge rivalry.

Also, please check the message board often. We try our best to help each other, share strategies, organize tournaments, and rise to the top. If you would like to join, it would help if you speak English, other than that, we would try our best to help you through the mysteries of Clintz City...

So.... you can be any level, just be active, and I gotta stress this: CHECK THE MESSAGE BOARDS. They contain valuable information, including tourney dates, adminships, etc. Guild link here:


I had inove of guild making for a life time.


new guild looking for more members

wanting to start guild wars with day watch guild
and hopefully get better at UR with friendly matches

please join the night watch


Thats your guild link smiley

GL.. smiley

I just started playing and I'm having fun so far. I work in an office and at home, so 90% of my life is staring at a computer screen ( the other 10% is going out on the weekends, so I do have so sort of life smiley ) I love RPGs and meeting new people.

Sorry i made a guild interested its called dark reapers http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=333984
u can be admin if u join!

that is the guild link
not makin anymore admins for awhile so dont ask
no special benefits just da nice and da coo people
join if u want my xpectations arent high
we need more members we are too small smiley smiley smileysmileysmileysmiley

Come on in and join.

join it every second week a guild tournament
you can win very good cards
and every month lotterie and win more than 10k(10000 clintz)

My New Guild Needs Members Quik we dont care if ur bad or good at urban rivals jst join we'll bi happy but if ur really good at the game and good at stuff like elo u can join the new guild tht were mak'n soon thiz one will bi the side guild for fun plz join and enjoy ur self

10 mems this is the offical academy of urban madness so join nowsmileysmiley

We are still currently looking for 35+, preferibly play everyday and have a decent fair play rating

We are still looking for good players lvl 35+ who are dedicated to the game

pm me with any questions about joining


I think u should try mine ill make u an admin my guild is small

thursday 25/09/2008

Come join the new guild The clan of the dark dragons



Join if you just wanna have a guild that you can join and make this guild a GANGSTER!!!!

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