friday 23/09/2016

The teaser for the new clan has just dropped and OMG they look sick. I am pretty sure I saw reaper and bastion from overwatch in the trailer.smiley

@_Haize_ the staff says that this mission is worth it for the gold tokenz alone. If you manage to open a 100 gold tokenz box you will get a very expensive CR
Too bad it takes like forever to actually collect these tokenzsmiley

thursday 22/09/2016

Dear staff,

Next time you have an event like this. PLEASE DO NOT WRAP THE WINDOW IN A LINK TO THE EVENT PAGE!
Twice in a row, I've had forfeit matches because I come back to the window I have UR open in, and the click on the banner takes me away from the game window. Please think about this for the next event.

I'am trying to join a guild but when i press the button, it won't apply me!

tuesday 20/09/2016

Hay every one cry's about 50/50 cards so they just stuck every last one down. I think leaders are all ways should be penalized in the DTs casue they are all ways to powerful for there own good.

love to see a leader not hit but there all ways op with a serten clan an every one likes to op there deck who doesn't.

be great if leaders are not penalty on dt or banned from elo if there in like a all 2* with 1-2 3* aloud deck. makes it were the leader you get or lose lol but be useful.
man a lot of cr's.

Nah, I've been a long time player of games. Having a sale won't discourage people from buying, especially when this is the first sale I've ever seen here. The original price isn't horrible either. Plus with a new clan on the verge and constant new cards, waiting may be less prudent than buying. It's a balance and I am glad to see a sale for once

sunday 18/09/2016

Or say that you don't know when it comes back.

Info is required

saturday 17/09/2016

No regeneration of toxin based ability cards for a while now...I wonder why smiley

friday 16/09/2016

Remember, more tokens in DT smiley

Fletcher, Agnes, Leone, Nexus. Yeah, not a single common card in the release.

sunday 11/09/2016

Urban rivals' 16 best players

mhh, I gotta put in some work again smiley

saturday 10/09/2016

Nice idea UR Keep it Up and I need more characters now haha


Its called recycling before kicking the bucket smiley

friday 09/09/2016


tuesday 06/09/2016

If they were common in the first place, yes.

monday 05/09/2016

Just ban gertjan and Solomon

sunday 04/09/2016

You can, but you can only use it in FreeFight, guild room, training and certain events/coliseums that allow doubles.

friday 02/09/2016

Can you download the PC version? I think someone said if you did that and bought creds in the shop you'd get the cards...

Oh lol only looking at the 4* artwork of Maciej, I always thought until now instead of playing with fire, he was eating cheezy pizza smiley

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