tuesday 12/08/2008

I will take them lol. I am new started on friday but played quite alot so i am a high level but my deck isnt very good.

We are a great english?american guild with over 50 members
very active and always accept great players
you have to be lv 10 and over to join though

Looking for a good guild? Well you've found it! We're a new guild that's looking for people over level 25 who are good at ELO. If you can beat 1150 ELO weekly or are looking to, join us.

HEY this is page about Black Demons(uk/us).

all levels ar accepted you must be from uk or us
(it just makes it easyer for us to communicate for one reson or another)

if you ahev any questions feel free to ask smiley

to join all you need to do is click this link and apply


Close this, I just made my own guild. Capn Clintz can vouch for me so if you guys are over level 30 and have an average weekly ELO of 1150 join my guild! =D

Pll came and join my guild plz be lvl 5+ we make friends and look out for each other so came on join my in my guild.smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

We need alot of active people on the guild chat and game room, really need more people, so im letting any one join as long as there lvl 10+ and are very active, please join!smiley



There you go and GL smiley

GO COVEN we own all

Bump.... this guild is pretty active

monday 11/08/2008

Oh thanks i forgot

Name Guild : Silient Angelz
Adress Guild : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=172427
Player : On lvl 20
Join Now Right now smiley

Oooo... I want to join!smiley Oh yeah that's right....smiley

Put This In Sales And Auctions, This is the wrong place to put it

Join me and every one who stands in our ways gets titanically distroyed they wont show there face again in clintz city and anyone who wants 2 can join and i mean anyone and wen u become lv 15 or higher or a master and higher u can become a admin no question asked

I am making a resdcue deck and i need help i need cards for cheap

Im looking for all players that want a guild heres the address http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=278651

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