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monday 11/08/2008

We Lookin For People Who Are Active play And On the guilds forums
Welcome all who apply! All styles of play are welcome. Urban-Rivals!
Only English speaking players please apply And Lvl 15 and above

sunday 10/08/2008

HI i am looking for new soldiers to recruit into my army we our a growing guild and when the time has come we will be the most known guild of all sign up today and fight for the Infernal Soldiers!!!!!!!

Join any one can join preferably strong people but watever doesnt matter

Bump ..!! Dunno what this guild is but they say its good and Blue Zero is in it , so it is good..!!

Go blue..!! hehe

Join the elite team .. haha smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Yeah, as the title says i need a guild.

i am lvl 13 with only 5 cards missing from Piranas and only 9 missing from GHEIST

i would like to be in a guild and once i am in i will start playing more often and contribute to the guild as much as i can

Join elite_evo,

Founder elite_force Imperator 32 460 1098
Admin GAME0VER Hero 98 423
Admin mski_ice Hero 59 844 1325
Admin Amsirach Veteran 58 759
Admin 0-buster Master 38 599
Admin Kyotozennousha Titan 22 462

Member FunkSoulBro Master 34 175 994
Member Sifrus Veteran 32 748
Member Lu Xun Senior 32 045
Member playfast46 Senior 31 627
Member Lance-Steven Veteran 22 312
Member S-0-VenGeAnCe Novice 21 057
Member ren1 Veteran 19 257
Member junkz-1 Novice 12 390
Member Mikoikill Master 11 036
Member -jowker22- Master 9 560
Member evo5 Master 8 512 1016
Member presziun Senior 6 887
Member _xMiMaYx_ Master 6 655
Member mik888 Master 6 218 991
Member MoneyBall Master 6 209
Member chanx13 Master 5 981
Member shin kirin2 Senior 5 570
Member Deathtrapjp541 Master 5 220
Member Lord ALEXEI 5 Master 4 897
Member d neckromanser Senior 3 974
Member jumor Master 4 087
Member dtricks Novice 2 820
Member zertol Senior 2 724
Member JosH_028 Senior 2 521
Member Lance_lancer Senior 1 769
Member Atenista Novice 1 753
Member FeelTheThrill Senior 1 256

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Dude wrong room plz close mods

Join us if you love to fight

saturday 09/08/2008

Help start the legend of the greatest: The Imperfects! Our motto- Dare to Join. Dare to challenge.

Must be level 10+. (Soon the cap may go up so act now or contact me VenganceReborn)
Upon joining you should contact me to tell me what clanz you're plannin to have.

Here's the Imperfects Page! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=292248

Im looking for a guild that is recruiting. Im kinda good. but not like awesom. I havent bought credits yet so I cant sell u cards. but just let me join a good guild.smiley

How do you help players get cards fast?

Everybody can join this guild this guild are for players who like urban rivals and is an active player like me its ok if your not a active player you can still join this guild

Summer Solstice
great guild
and getting better

Please join my guild!if u want to join search for sentinel guild!

Yo so i just checking on waht the perks are for joining such as do we get free cards clintz credits or if there is a site. im not trying to be greedy but i just wanted to know

friday 08/08/2008

You want to become respected our whatever join our team and become greatness you will be treated all with respect and we will make you better all levels can join and become more then just a level beome GREATNESS

OUR GUILD NAME:The Kingdom Of Heaven and you can become something more than just a LEVEL.

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