tuesday 05/08/2008

Aussies who are new and wanna have fun and be glad to be an aussie aussie fighters are looking for u.
U can be any lvl to join. heres our page http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=256246

Names InfiniteHigh and I'm looking to join a guild. If you need some more info about me IGM me.smiley

monday 04/08/2008

I've heard that they arent just recruting from scandinavia !!! So come join bloody hell !

I'm looking for any good players

U dont have a guild though....

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=289070 is the link many once u get 35 u can join our main guild. also not many of the best guilds will give u cards for a 15 to join there guild.

Try Clint City Kings, active, Friendly and Fun with free challenges and tourney going on right now

Close plz...im in Upper Class!!!

We are the 940 in the world!!!!
we make tournaments
Players: +25!!
we are wating for you!!


Close this please

I hope you people will join my guild it is a good one thank you

Mods close please

sunday 03/08/2008

Mods close please

*Cough Cough
Aussie Battler's is 2nd lol
well that is if you include the stupid L1 french dudes

Join the army! Safety In Numbers is my guild and the guild hopes to grow and take over! We will own the tournaments! Join my guild, join the revolution. This guild will be the downfall of others. We hope to have big numbers. It doesn't matter what lvl you are. There are safety in numbers so even if your lvl 5 you will be safe. We don't turn down lvl 5s because even they can help at least a little. Join today and join the new age!

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Join my guild - fire-heart...

There's a new guild on the british block called urban kingdom, me, run by me and legend we aim to be the best in britian, we r accepting 10+ for now and we r accepting only british people, (might accept if not as long as u can speak english.) The minimum level were accepting will start to go up but we will always fight 4 britain. Just postulate to join and make the right choice.

( free cards r given away in competition. http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=289948

See who knew i had a brain power to think this up smiley

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