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sunday 25/10/2020

Thanks so much! I had so much fun!!

We should really do one more in the futuresmiley

saturday 24/10/2020

Congratz and thanks for the giveaway! smiley

friday 23/10/2020

wednesday 21/10/2020

Last few days!

monday 19/10/2020

Hello Guys!!

The Giveaway is OVER!

The lucky number I was thinking was...... 19!!!!! Which is my lucky number!

And the Winners are:

1º #United5
2º #zaxyse
3º No one because only United and Zax guessed the number.... for that reason I'm going to give the 3º prize also to #United5 !!

#United5 and #zaxyse I'm going to send you guys a PM for us to arrange the giving of the cards smiley

Thank you yo all that participated!!!

friday 16/10/2020

Thanks a lot ABCD smiley (you rock!)

wednesday 30/09/2020

Bro just go on zupimage take the normal link and put it in [img][/img] smiley

friday 25/09/2020

sunday 20/09/2020

sunday 13/09/2020

wednesday 09/09/2020

Comment 2500 here! smiley

thursday 03/09/2020

The King of the PPs

This is a guild only event. To join you must be a member of Harbingers of Ares, so join up. smiley You will play each player in the event in 3 battles in the survivor type 1 format. Registration starts today and ends Monday, September 7 at 6 PM EST. The event ends Monday, September 28th..

Prizes so far:

Caelus Cr, Elya Cr, Emeth Cr, Lamar Cr, Maana Cercei Cr, Ombre Cr and Vickie Cr. More to come as people donate.

DJ Korr Cr donated by Tricky_HoA

Griffonmor donated by Lux Lux smiley

Captain Rescue, Akrakk, Kalindra Cr, Oon Cr, Vixen Cr, Askai Cr and Jam&Earlxxt donated by 0 Prophet

Lulabee Cr donated by C0co Drilo

Jam&Earlxxt, No Love, 4x Lorenzald donated by HoA Chivito

Don Cr, Romana Cr, Yayoi Cr, Roderick donated by Hawk HoA

Sledg Cr donated by Blondrok

Bankee Cr donated by FireBeastR

Merweiss Cr and Ielena Mt donated by DGZenos

Sooko, Bahari, Dwain Cr, RgX Pilum sent by Blaszdowski

wednesday 02/09/2020

I'll take those nobrocibyx that he so much despises.

monday 31/08/2020

The event will exist!!! Rules are coming soon: thumbsup:
You can already join with your main account: Urban Rivals Remake 2

The event will start on September 28.

monday 24/08/2020

Don't forget to publish your performance in the Turkish part

saturday 15/08/2020

Merci, j'ai les deux freros sur le thread mdrr
Vous régalez wallah

sunday 09/08/2020

It used to be if you started searching before the tourney is done you get battle points for the fight, but recently I haven't been getting points for this? smiley smiley

wednesday 05/08/2020

Phase 1 completed ... Soon The Two towers

thursday 30/07/2020

Let me think of a hard one, so I can give #Cortez Cr as prize

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