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friday 16/10

Update to Denna: Denna/Miss Denna the strong fighter from ryhm

Room 66 Nadia:
Life before turning Bezerk: Trying to survivor with her mother after her father #Cortez Cr left them

IP-Otaam: The muscle bot
Elea: Testing testing is this thing working? Hello every Elea here! Recently I meet this handsome new Hive. He was the most handsome hippo I ever have seen. After talking with him, I found out that his a descendant to me! Which explain why his so handsome! But be aware, do not stand in his way when he throw a punch
Lumia: Since Maana left. Vortex have been constantly attacking us , and we could never catch a break. So I decided to activate experiment Hippo and call in Otaam. With his help, we are surely going to make a big impact into the annoying Vortex army!

Test your luck, last 3 days I got 0 tickets and today I got 3 tickets in just 40 spins (Not the first time this happens to me tho) smiley


Remember this wasn't such a massive issue prior to the black market.

Actually it was issue before BM and it will be issue after BM. BM has done nothing more than accelerated the already ongoing process that has been around since forever. The base has been always tilted, this just tilts it more. These same arguments have been fling around and this topic has been written about every year for years in different words.

I'm saying this from perspective of old player and literally being a collaborative market manipulator. We did not need BM to skew markets years back, the market itself was source of the resources and BM basically allows more people to do that more easily and older market players to use more resources - but the essential problem stays the same.

thursday 15/10

Enigma tier B..? I'd go with at least A maybe even S. Most high end Stop cards in other clans are 8/6 or 7/8. He's a potential 9/9.

Also Volkan/ Roderick are good but I wouldn't rate either Tier S. I think Meweiss though conditional is a stronger version of Volkan since Volkan's ability doesn't do anything the turn it is activated so essentially she is like a poison where as Merweis is a revenge Toxin (the same thing) with the exception that his also goes to 0 and does more pillz burn.


Thank you so much for these links .. that's exactly what we needed

monday 12/10

Glad I could help smiley

sunday 11/10

Oh, really? smiley Congratulations. smiley

I agree with Crimson. The wheel is not the problem. Early this year the wheel was there, but there was no BM and the prices were really low compared to now. Then they put the BM an inflation came. Limiting more the wheel, or just rising its price, will just make the cards rise even more. People using it 24/7 is not the problem, is one of its symptoms.

Just add some zeros to the end of the figure of all old mission rewards. Sounds like a simple script. smiley

saturday 10/10

Most of the old legendary characters, including the two you want, are randomly given for completeing legendary missions. They can be found here: https://www.urban-rivals.com/missions/ Their the ones under the flash missions.

The newer legendarys can only be won in the arcade mode.

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friday 09/10

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Ooh that would make sense too since a lot of them have unique abilities

thursday 08/10

I like that idea, Morten. smiley In that way 'normal players' can still do missions and use XP decks. smiley

The UR economy is getting sooo ridiculous. There's no incentive to sell regular cards on the market anymore when you can just hoard them and wait for a BM mission.... smiley

tuesday 06/10

Nevermind i found it

@ XC Morrigan - LOL oops Miss Calamity was for contest #7...... it looks like you get both for a prize!!! smiley

sunday 04/10

You have a max of 50 spins but as long as you keep playing you can get more. And honestly waiting 20 min for the 50 spins takes time that I can use to play the game and get more.

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