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friday 31/07/2015

sunday 12/07/2015

Idk If terrible.
Morphun, Graks, Vickie, Edd, Jimmy, Jackie Maurice, Lady.
It was more for show. Not really for playing.

friday 03/07/2015

Followed these rules while making a GHEIST mono deck and got 10 victories smiley

thursday 02/07/2015


A 2HKO from La Junta stoped me...

saturday 27/06/2015


Doing life gain in survivor mission next thing I know I have 10 wins

tuesday 23/06/2015

No wonder Kate is so garbage at Duel if this is where she is getting her decks from.

monday 15/06/2015

monday 25/05/2015

sunday 24/05/2015

Too many different cards used for survivor smiley

thursday 21/05/2015

I would love it. My Mokra needs some air.

wednesday 13/05/2015

Hey i have been using this deck for a while now, and i actually think it works very well.. But maybe some of u have some advices, changes to the deck, that could make it even better?? smiley

sunday 26/04/2015

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2816424 survivor 7 in first try

friday 24/04/2015

Dude, I explained why I didn't do that in the comments of the decklist. The pillz are very important. It may nit seem much, but it's a big difference.

thursday 09/04/2015

That must be why he's famous now.

monday 23/03/2015

Hey that is my deck, dont you steal it

monday 19/01/2015

Hello I'm conducting a survey for my guide which will be finished this week/early next week.

I'm looking for players with over 20 survivor extended to complete a quick questionnaire for me on cards in the dominant survivor clans and additional tips on deck construction/playing survivor.

If you are interested please send a pm to me smiley

tuesday 13/01/2015

Pussycats and some form of attack/pill manipulation to help out

wednesday 31/12/2014

A deck of this sort is one of my earliest goals in UR please R+C smiley I'm hoping it continues to do well, slow start but I'm still getting used to it
DJ Guru survives all night!

sunday 21/12/2014

Hahahah what? ^

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