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sunday 20/07/2008

I mean moderators

Wwe fan club) only if ur a fan

Yo, send an inv my way, I am keen as hell on Halo. Master Chief FTW! Whooooo!

Fun new guild

What U mean you will have good cards smileysmileysmiley

I'm the founder of The Rivals. If u join my guild, you will join army of Victory and battle our way to #1! Join our guild today and become the best! I welcome any people, any countries, any rank. LVL 17+


saturday 19/07/2008

Wanna be the best that you can be distroy every one in your path and leave the rest in your dust then you need to join "The Titanic Distroyer's" the best guild of the best guild and me in the founder tanzania kid and im lv 26 and a guru but enough about me this is about you so if you join and you become or are lv 15 or higheryou can become a admin so if you wanna be the best and distroy the rest the you need to join "The Titanic Distroyer's".

Join us, or be destroyed.
We will show you no mercy.
May the empire florish and be seen as a beakon of light in this dark world. Togeather we will prevail. Do Not Betray Us.

United We Stand Devided We Fall.

The Rivals,

Its a level 17+ guild

Its a very active guild

Check the guild out at:

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=267669 />

Hope to see you as a member of The Rivals soon!

NOW 17+

We r looking for people 10 and up
we have 5 cards giveaway every day... so join the fun

Close joined a guild already

Send a message to customer support:

friday 18/07/2008

Im level 18 and try to maintain an ELO rating of 1150
ive been playing for less than a month and have some decent cards
i am looking for a very active clan that likes to compete
i am also intrested on getting better cards, especially in the La Junta and the all stars.
PM me if you want me in your clan thank you!

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