tuesday 24/01/2017

Haha. shoot

4x rowdy cr 0xp (105k)
4x edd cr 0xp (75k)
3x yayoi cr 0xp (95k)
1x sigma cr 0xp (50k)

Can you read rules and post a topic?

For 1, 700,000 Me Max 1, 500,000 PM ME

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a Guru Cr. I would trade him against some Collectors (0xp) of course if you like to sell yours, please send me a private message

Greatings General Break smiley

monday 23/01/2017

Buy armanda cr for 2M in Cash PM ME

Sell Kiki Cr full Xp
Basis of Negotiation: 9.250.000

Searching Cash +/or Vickie Cr, Quetzal, Ymirah 0xp, Xantiax Robb!
Lots of Rex Sweig 0xp or Rattle 0xp or Impera Sloane 0Xp!

Only Cash and these cards smiley

Pm me!

This should.be closed i think

Giving 600k for xantiax robb I know it's below market price but anyone looking for a quick sale drop me a message

I have already another General Cr
So I want to exchange another for Lyse teria Cr

Looking to buy xtinax rob for 590k private message me to set this up

Ramz it means go and buy credits lold

You kept 50 xu52 in auction of french do you have more 50?

Bonjour a tous,

J'achete 5 Yamirah pour 377k/tête
Vp. Merci!



J'achete 5 Yamirah pour 377k/tête
Vp. Merci!


sunday 22/01/2017


I buy your estalt 0xp 3800/u


Offer Dagg cr + Pr Balthazar + Baldovino + Naele + Hriger

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