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saturday 28/06/2008

Kingpimpjuice the creater off Dark Joker Clan is recruting all players who want to join


friday 27/06/2008

Abandon Your hope, forget The Light..
Will You continue forward, plow through..,
Corpses - tried like You, to win The Sight,
Of Annihilation and Doom

apply at
smiley good luck and have fun smiley

Join deaths shadow
lvl dont matter
cards dont matter join deaths shadow all are welcome.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=259543 is my guilds homepage so join soon so i can keep my guild. i would prefer high level members (14-30) so join now.

A new guild rises. We are a new guild that needs members. Wepromise to be active. There are 2 requierments (for now):
2)must be active (at least 2 times a week; both the guild's message bord and in-game)
Feel free to postulate



Please join after we have 30 member we are going to have elya cr lottery

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Due to the inordinately high number of drop-outs below level 15, the Band of Brothers will only be accepting requests to join from level 15 and above.

Yeah, it's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join my guild Swift Killers, all are welcome, there are no requirements!Just search up Swift Killers in the guilds!

Hi there, if you're looking for a very nice guild [Weekly competitions(not dependent on UR skills/cards), a nice guild Leader, and friendly+helpful guild members], join(Please send me a private message if u wish to join/know more) :

I'll Have Two Pints

The link to our guild:


Ill join

Still need memberssmiley

Bad acid is recruting, and we will accept anyone who wants to join

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