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tuesday 01/07/2008

Havent found a guild you can join here (must be lv9 or higher).

Come help us on the way to becoming tha best.all wellcome.


There's the link and GL smiley


there's the link and GL smiley

HOLY **** soiluz dont

Can i join

Can i join

Mods please close

Any LVL is welcomed to join my guild, i only ask that if you do plan to join respect all players. This guild is a brotherhood for boys and girls so dont be a stranger and come join^__smiley__smiley__^

Help make this guild great.ternes and giveaways.

Bump Join Dynamite

Lvl 15+ only

this rule was just passed due to some inactive people

As of right now we have three members and we are consistantly looking for more of our kind you feel rejected from society smiley and would love to have a place that they could finally call a havensmiley.

monday 30/06/2008

A great Guild to join, people. If you need help understanding the site, then we are the best at explaining. We'll try our best to help our younger level users. I promise!


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