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monday 30/06/2008

My new guild is going to be up soon. We have at least 6 of my closest compatriats and brothers in individualism. We need more youths dissatisfied with their oppressive lifestyles!!! Join up!!!

smiley smiley smiley

Death Devilz is an awesome guild with about 20 people! smiley I u are willing to join u have to be level 10 and up and if u want to be an admin u have to be over level 20 or have 2 or more stars or u have to be a rank over Master! smileysmiley If u join u wont regret it! smileysmileysmiley

New guild need help to get off the ground.

This is Jokerclassic and Im looking for good players to join my guild, Clown Cult.

Join if you want, we are #1 in the U.K.!

We are wanting more people to join are guild.smiley
Any newbies from anywear will need a helping hand and we will give tips and tricks and i have some unwanted cards i might give away


Guild:258540 is recruting, we research for players:

-At least level 45
-1300 Elo each week
-Daily tournaments champion

Send a private message to Ptidemon92 or apply to guild:258540 directly

Hi to all new and experienced players.


Phoenix Armada, started a few months ago has around 10 members in and we're now recruiting more players for enhanced experienced of the game. We accept all kind of players, new/old, experienced/novice. although all of us aim to strive to be the best.

As our motto, Only the strongest will survive, The Phoenix Armada.

Guild Link : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=160269

If you do you will have a great chance of being more victorios.

To all the members of clint city. If you are looking for a new guild that will be high rank in the future join the Chaotic Comebacks. We will be accepting new recruits but you must look at our requirements.

LOL! You just wait!

You dont have a guild

Come And Join, Looking Forward To It

sunday 29/06/2008

Need 2 admins must be atlest a 20 for admin pos.

Im looking for 2 more admins to help get this guild started.can you help?20 and up for admin outhers wecome.

The guild Total Splitz has just formed and we are looking for plpayers to bloster our ranks it dose not matter if you are a newbie, a hardcore player or ever a collector swing by and join up by clicking on the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=260168

I will pay 2k for alec anybody who has one message

Join my guild and dark days will be coming for the rest.

Any american or canadian looking for a guild
min lev of 15 to join
you must speak english.
so have fun.

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