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wednesday 25/06/2008

If u need a guild, then look no further, bad acid is recruting. we will accept ANYONE who wants to join. u dont have to take part in tournaments if u dont want to.

We are looking for a soild player whos active and over 20

tuesday 24/06/2008

Ok? seeya

Plz mail me if u can

We are looking for those who wish to join our guild, the clan of imortal gods, we need people now

Join Go Yard and Purple Drink...good help, pretty active, especially me, and we welcome u with open arms

Join disciples of war u r a guest nd will be treated with respect

To all you people out there looking for a really cool guild;
Weekly competitions
Guildsmember of the week competition
Helpful guildsmembers
Interactive guildsmembers
An Active Forum
An amazing leader; Jonboy is a very nice person

Come Join us at I'll Have Two Pints!!!

We are looking for more fighters, so if ur interested, the guild is called bad acid, remember, we will take ANY 1 who wants to join

Hey if anybody is interested in a guild I just created one and we are lookin for some members if your interested just send me the app

This is Jokerclassic, formally opening invitations to any who may want to join the greatest clan of misfits and freaks this world has ever known. Join my guild, Clown Cult. Drop off a message and you will be considered for joining.HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!

The name is INSATIOUS BEASTS! New fresh clan, with a great leader!...join by going to the link below!


"An Era of Destruction Has Begun..."

monday 23/06/2008

Lvl 10+ to join maybe lvl 5+

Plz message me if i can join

Hey you can join my guild called the lords of the under world

I just started my guild called the lords of the under world.How about you be in my guild

Hi my name is 3c3 stomp3r and im looking for any members for my guild the lords of the under world.

Dangerous decent awsome guildsmiley

The °Simila Pluzzo° guild, is a italian guild.
We accept anyone, the important thing is that you are active players, and that you're participating in the forum ... We want to create a group especially for fun, so there is no limit to minimum level, it maximum ...
We are a crazy guild, that search crazy people....so come on! smiley

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