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monday 23/06/2008

Come and join the River Guild. We are recruiting will be more than happy to take you.
-These are some things i would prefer. They are not mandatory.
1. I would prefer that you spoke english but it is not neccesary. We will work around it if you can't.
2. You be at least a level 8. If you aren't then we'll just help you level up. Don't worry about it if you aren't, once again, we'll help you.
3. Now this my freinds is a reqirment. You respect everybody in the guild and if you don't like them just keep your thoughts to yourselves.
4. Just have fun.

Ok, we are getting there. any more?

Hey NoradXI here leader of team beast, heyw e need some new recrutes so anyone whos just out there lookin for a guild to join you can fine one here. the clan excepts all!!!

Come & join our FatManClan....

Join us now any level will join

sunday 22/06/2008

Disciplies of war is a nice active friendly guild nd must be lvl 20 nd tell DoW_Havok i sent u

This is a great guild just like silient anglez but the uk version there are many tournies giveaways and well ill tell u the rest if u join !!!!!!!! lvs 15+

Hi guys the guild gangsters is currently recruting level 11 and higher!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We currently have 30 thousend battle point's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any questions dont fear to pm me!

Join us at The Coven Academy then after you reach lvl 20 you can join our main guild The Coven.

Our offsite forum's rock!!!


Reigning Blood is acepting all levels and experiance we are here to help come join us!!!!!brand new trying to expand!!!!!!

Hi everybody! I've made å guild with the name [i]Turnament Tigers[/i] and i would be pleased if you wantet to join.

29 isn't old, I'm 22 and I plan to play for another 10 years yetsmiley.

Join us and be a bob
- u get help in cards even some free
- many people u can sell ur cards too
- have help in decks elo


Only 2 mor emembers needed. join up now peoples!!!1

Any players needing a guild with no limitations join the guild of light and darkness

saturday 21/06/2008

True true, but what does he look like is the question.

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