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thursday 19/06/2008

I would love to join the guild. im new and i need some guidence on alot of things on this site.smiley so i would love to join and maybe get sum help from the guild. smiley i hope i can. im a senior lvl 8 and im 19 and a girl lol

Knights of chaos needs people the only thing is u need to speak english

Just go to guild page and search save the city thats it. we will help you find cards and deck ideas


we have over 50 active players we could help u with cards, decks, and more

wednesday 18/06/2008

See this link


The dice shows that a room is No random, the highest attack always wins.


you forgot the link



Come join the RedRiver Guild. I will happily accept those who apply. Come improve your skills, make new freinds and much more.

The guild owned by Nilloy6
is currently looking for people to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 50th person to join will get a rare card for 1 clint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so join

We need seniors or any other type, we arent taking to many people so first come first served

tuesday 17/06/2008

The most of clintz gives you "Survivor Type Elo (beta)" which is ready for play in, from 12'th level, the clintz in this room are doubled after every win!

OK so i just registered and read the terms and rules etc.. and i saw at the bottom of registration that Multiple account will be deleted, now.. my roommate uses the same computer / connection as myself hes actually hes the one who got me interested in the game.. but considering the fact we play via same pc / connection would that not seem as if it would be a multiple account, id rather not play for a long period of time then latter find myself deleted smiley anyway any responses would be greatly appreciated

Hello, everyone. My name is Zack, and I am new to this game. I discovered it, actually, while playing a different MMORPG, and thought I would give it a shot; so far, it's been decently fun. Not the game I am used to, as I more into first-person shooters and turn-based (And live-action) strategy on my PS2; often times, the games I play are more structured, in a sense.

Anyway, just thought I would say hello to everyone.

By the by, if any guilds would be willing to recruit me, please send me a private message. I find having a group of comrades often makes it more enjoyable overall, and I've not yet had a chance to talk to anyone.

Thanks, and see you around.

Join us we need active player that are great we have a really good guild

Join band of brother

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Its in ur collection

My guild is kinda new and we will ecept new people into it

Hi nice to meet u

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