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thursday 12/06/2008

Here's a link: enjoy! smiley

guild: 197345

Bad acid guild wants more members if any body is interested

Join me comrades, for the glory of the soviet union.

The first one that gets it right will get the card.

You can become an onnerary toy soldier by going to, (www.toysoldiersunite.com)

wednesday 11/06/2008

Join and become part of the avenging movement!!
Only lvl15 and lower,we will start to rule UR from below


Join if you are lower than lvl15,we shall become masters together
Young blood will be spilled on our turf lol

Ok accept 15 AND UP


We are the elite kings who were dethroned because of harsh rulings but now we are back and we have strength in numbers it is time to take back what was rightfuly ours The Urban Kingdom!!!!!!!!

This is a fairly new guild and we need some good members to give us a little push. *must be American and atleast lvl 7.

Join the loveless fighting unit lvls 15+

If you join we shall rule the whole world join!smiley

Hellspawns is recruiting


to apply simply search for THE BRITISH ARE COMING, or folow the link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=237333

Become apart of this new and active guild, all players of all levels and skill levels accepted, this is an active guild that takes pride in playing for fun please look the guild up and even if there isnt any members think about join coz every guild starts somwhere become part of one that aims to go higher


Now recruiting all uk players for the best guild on the site

Bump plz

We could really be the best join the younglegendzsmiley

tuesday 10/06/2008

Join fear the reapers u must be lv12 up and speak english.
wat is the piont of this guild u may ask?(parenthesis, maybe) dislexia(note im dislexic in spelling and i can't spell dislexia). well we have many guild guides to help u with decks and a free tournement to win some cards. if you like many of the advantages in joining our quild contact Reaper_Mike or attempt to join the quild by postulating to it.smiley hope to see u soon in the quild

Hi im skamp im guild leader of English Raiders,im wanting low level players who need some experience or high level players wanting to help low lvls out,this guild is dedicated to the english and therfore will help all english ppl lvl up,guild link is http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=245052

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