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sunday 01/06/2008

I'm looking for new blood to join my team..If any ones intrested hit me up and well talk about it...PEACE

I welcome you to a small corner of the world where new Leader being born,
In here we only have 3 principals
Democracy - Communication - Respect
People from every corner of the world already join us, what held you back?

You're most welcome to come here : http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=236729

Looking for some people to help buil this guild into something great

We are accepting lvls 15 and up check us out we are a laid back guild and liek 2 have fun and collect cards join join

We are recruiting new players to join you must be lv20 or higher to join
this is the link.

Winning= points = Ranking..

lets raise up n be 'most wanted' in this ting

Please visit my guild page and my profile page for more informationsmiley

Also, this guild will hold bi-weekly tournaments. For some people it might be free while others in the guild will have to pay a small price for a grand prize. Also, it is not 15 and up anymore it is now 10 and up.


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My guild looking a new recruit from Poland. If you are from Poland and you want join, go to: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=238281

Yer but wot happens wen u get past lvl 23???

r u kicked out???smiley

Close pls.

In the meantime, we've grown to 8 members, and the ofter still stands. Everybody's welcome!

As soon as you are level 15 join silient angelz they are a great guild and the leader soliuz is really generous

Hey hows it goin? im the founder of Free for All. What my guild is about is that i dont care what lvl you are or how you fight in battle im all about meeting and sharing tacics and information with everyone else.I know granted we only have 4 members myself included but i hope to see or hear from you. If you have questions about the guild just message me id be happy to answer.
link to the guild:

well i hope to hear from you have a good battle.

Master GGG is at your service. :thumbsup

Then Join The Police! A Guild Made In Nz!

saturday 31/05/2008

With over 50 players and a active forums

Im lookin 4 a big guild with lots of compotitons and active forms

smiley we are recruting plz join us

we accept anyone smiley

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