sunday 18/05/2008

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U a 7 shoudnt u have timber by now

We have over 50 people

This link will take you directly to my guilds info page:

Clicky Clicky!

This is a brand-new guild, so for now it is all-inclusive, all you have to do is meet the min-level 5 requirement. Players new to UR are welcome, come see what being in a guild is like before you go and create your own!

saturday 17/05/2008

Gods of Death lead by me.
My record is 36-17-4
I am active and plan on leveling pretty quickly.
So join me to create a great team.

Join my guild masters of deathsmileysmiley
if u do i will give u info

Il get on and il have an extra card, yesterday was k cube and today i got pulsar? anyone else getting cards that are not leaders randomly without buyin anything? smiley

I am currantly accepting new members. this is a friend making guild for the new players and battleing for new or experenced players. if you like the supernatual stuff this is the guild for you. I made this guild origanlly for the T.v. show "Charmed" because that is my fav. tv show. well there you have it. pease join my guilld

friday 16/05/2008

XD I officialy earned the name guild hopper or guild jumper because there is no guild so far that gets my attention

Well this might sound crazy yea but does anyone guild wanana allie with us?

must be pretty active
cool with switching

how it works :
Next to your guilds description you put alliance or a symbol that means your allied with this guild

make friends
team guild wars
avoid boredom

by switching meaning switching from one guild to anther allied guild without getting in trouble

this is not for certain any coments or remarks post on here plz smiley

Here is your link: guild:228199
Good luck! smiley

If you're having trouble getting into other guilds, you are welcome here as well.

But u have to be lv. 20 first.

Really fun and you can get nice card for big event!

thursday 15/05/2008

Hey this is The Elite Guild Team i use to be in the silent anglez i have started my own guild with no less stric requirments to help make them stronger. it is kind of like boot camp for less active players or players who don't meet the requirment for the guild yet. They are ranked 13 in the USA so join us to join them later on!!!!!!

Right now we have 7 members we are active and most of us are on at least an hour or 2 a day.And we talk on the message board alot. we want to get bigger so we can have guild tournaments and other fun things like that so come join.


Ugh again dont be so sure yourself

We are new, if you love bleach join the soul society and dont worry, any level is greately accepted, the only requirement is that you are active on this game at least once a week

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