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monday 12/05/2008

Come join us at the Ultimate Incarnation guild.smileysmiley

My guild accepts all players at any level and from every country.Everyone is an admin so you can invite your friends to join as well.To join go to my profile page and click on Pond Of Terror when the next screen comes up click postulate to guild.

Join Now!!!!!


Close please

sunday 11/05/2008

Beast squaD is looking for new members
levels 15 and up can join
dont be afraid join

Close this topic plz mod

Close this topic

Looking 4 some new members+---------------
plz join my guild
members must b lvl 7 or more, prefeable lvl 10
if interested go to this link
thank u 2 all

Join urban killerz and ill make the first 4 people to join admins

If u get high and play this game when your bored then the kottonmouth kings are the guild 4 u. new members are always accepted nobody gets turned down, so get yor crown and join the kottonmouth kings

Becoming a warrior of england sound good to you?
then join the english warrior guild!


The WORLD maintaining an administrative system consisted of 1 founder and 5 Admin.

The chaos always reigns outside and zombies approach more and more the building(ship) but thanks to the alliance between the various races in the building(ship) WORLD and to the use receiver(combined competition) of the powers, zombies do not manage to penetrate into the fortified town.

People panic in front of the atomic shelters seeing far off, the thick cloud of deaths alive approaching them, in spite of the attempts police to make puts off(moves back)


-(TFF)- The Final Furies
Hey, we're a new up and coming guild, and we invite you all to join. WEWONT kick you out because of level, or origin. We're here to help each other out, and have fun playing.

Join the furies now!!!!

Were in the top 10 in the country and were dong well.. were kind and if you have problems ask me something ill help...

Only level 15 and up!!smiley

P.S ....Thanx To

Legends Of Americasmileysmileysmiley

Silent Angelz^__smiley__smiley__^

Band Of Brotherssmileysmileysmiley

Join black hawks now........their founder is a good player

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